By Eva Huang

As a student at Wharton, I have had the opportunity to gain exposure to the venture capital world. I started my journey by joining a US-based venture capital firm as an Investment Associate, where I spent two months gaining first-hand experience about the venture capital industry and the consumer technology space.

Having graduated from National Taiwan University, and worked overseas in Asia and the U.S, I was exposed to different perspectives and cultural contexts. …

In 2016, we first took a look at the topic of compensation for tech startups in Singapore. At the time, compensation data — base pay, bonuses and stock options — was hard to come by for startups. Fast forward to 2020 and it seemed not much had changed; we found that compensation data, specifically for tech startups, was still difficult to find and reference.

Recognizing this pain point for tech founders across the sector, we have delved deeper into the crucial issues of tech talent compensation throughout Southeast Asia — this time in partnership with a regional tech-focused recruitment and…

By Peng T. Ong, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Monk’s Hill Ventures

This feed is powered by an AI-driven algorithm that analyzes and predicts the type of content users would like to see and engage with. We internally have been calling this type of algorithm the “ Feed Flow AI”- software that controls the content users see on a feed, based on certain optimizing criteria. In Southeast Asia, companies and startups we’re seeing are increasingly adopting Feed Flow AIs.

The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma highlighted the fact that a number of Silicon Valley tech companies are using Feed Flow AIs to monetize attention with many users being unaware. For some companies…

By Kuo-Yi Lim, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Monk’s Hill Ventures

The region’s ecosystem was buzzing with the largest number of unicorns in an emerging market. Venture capital firms were expecting another good year ahead in investing, and many were preparing to raise even larger funds.

Clearly, the year has turned out quite differently from what was predicted. While technology companies generally saw increased demand and adoption during the pandemic, venture capital investing has certainly been affected in many ways — from how deals are sourced to how due diligence is conducted.

At Monk’s Hill Ventures (MHV), we closed our latest flagship fund in late 2019. Over the last ten months…

The past five years have been a story of optimism for Southeast Asia’s tech investments scene. Venture capital dealmaking and fundraising rose to record highs, more homegrown startups achieved unicorn status, and the number of exits began to rise.

While these stories paint an image of breakneck growth, founders in the region have discovered another side of the picture, one that’s less often told in the popular narrative-that of the friction that can arise between entrepreneurs and their investors.

At times, this friction is merely a matter of different parties learning to adjust to each other and work together. At…

We live in exciting times. Recent years have seen the emergence of Southeast Asia’s very first unicorns — startups valued at over $1 billion — the stories of whom we’re now all too familiar with.

But these tales have also perpetuated the myth that founding the next unicorn startup is simply a matter of having a billion-dollar idea, a truckload of cash, and a little bit of luck.

As founders and entrepreneurs ourselves, we at Monk’s Hill Ventures believe otherwise. Far from being overnight successes, billion-dollar startups are built one hire, one process, and one sale at a time. Just…

Written by Peng T. Ong, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Monk’s Hill Ventures.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen and will continue to see who will be the survival of the fittest. At MHV, we’ve started breaking down companies into three buckets.

a) the ice bucket, any businesses that should essentially be put on ice during coronavirus. The chances of revenue for some businesses are almost zero compared to previous crises given worldwide downturns. Many of these businesses are travel or events related businesses.

b) pivot businesses i.e. any businesses where current customers are no longer buying and…

Before we knew it, the disease exploded exponentially into a full-blown global pandemic. Given the current environment, founders must question all their assumptions about their business and assume that the conviction potential investors may have had in their company may waver during this trying time.

Accounts of companies with less than three months of cash runway have increased dramatically in the last few weeks in Southeast Asia, as founders and CEOs confront a new reality that brings with it an uncertain outlook. Even for companies with more runway, the difficulties of preparing for an unknown horizon is looming in everyone’s…

By Michele Daoud, Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures

Those who can steer with thoughtfulness and direction will demonstrate to their employees and investors their resilience and ability to withstand downturns.

At Monk’s Hill Ventures, where I am a partner, we have seen recessions in the past and have ridden these downturns as former operators and entrepreneurs ourselves in the U.S., Europe and Asia. There are three important considerations, based on our experience, for founders and CEOs to think through now: organizational adaptability; capital spending and fundraising strategies; and the operational and revenue models stress test.

Organizational adaptability

Founders and CEOs need…

By Peggy Wu, Head of Communications at Monk’s Hill Ventures

One founder says, “We’re making the world a better place… through paxos algorithms for consensus protocols. The next founder says, “We’re making the world a better place through… canonical data models to communicate between eggs. One founder at the end finally says, “We’re making the world a better place through … scalable, fault tolerant, distributed databases, ACID transactions.”

While the scene is a parody, in reality, this is not so far off from the stuff that reporters hear day in and day out with tech founders. How do I know…

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